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Long Term Mold Issues Can Create Havoc in Durham NC

Water damage is relatively common in homes throughout the Durham area. Many severe storms pass through this area each year, and some can cause rising floodwaters that swirl into homes several inches or feet deep. In addition to severe weather, leaking pipes, broken appliances and even roof damage can cause a water issue in the […]

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The Benefits of Water Damage in Greensboro, NC

By simple definition, water damage is a situation that arises when excess water intrudes areas that it should not, hence causing loses and destruction to property. Some of the damages caused include rotting of wood, rusting of metal and delamination of plywood. While many insurance policies may cover the costs incurred or the restoration process, […]

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Mold Removal Techniques in Greensboro NC

Rainy or wet conditions could bring an attendant list of problems that could potentially compromise the exterior and interior conditions of the home. Among these issues, mildew and mold growth not only causes short-term and long-term infrastructural problems but also carries a host of health hazards to household residents. That is why hiring professionals to […]

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Choose Kustom for Professional Water Damage in Raleigh NC

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of water damage in their home, but many Raleigh area homeowners are faced with this devastating reality at some point. Water issues in this area are most commonly associated with severe weather, but they can occur for other reasons as well. For example, you can develop a flood […]

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What To Do When Water Damage Strikes

  Water damage can happen to anyone. It’s what you do next that can make all the difference. Whether the damage affecting your property is as minor as a leaky pipe or as major as a basement underwater, the most important thing is to act quickly! Here at Kustom, we’ve been dealing with Greensboro NC’s […]

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