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COVID 19 Decontamination

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The global COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in immense business interruption along with new protocols and directives to ensure business continuity. Kustom exists to support commercial clients when disaster strikes—minimizing downtime and ensuring a safe and healthy environment in commercial facilities. Our COVID 19 viral decontamination experts specialize in the thorough cleaning, containment, viral disinfection, monitoring, and testing protocols to maintain or restore the health and safety of your spaces and your staff. Our decontamination team can assist managers of facilities and help businesses return to operations in post-lockdown environments in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Kustom’s COVID 19 Decontamination Services include:


Kustom will provide an initial decontamination inspection and assessment of the facility to develop an emergency response plan in case of an outbreak or needed decontamination.

Stand-By Status

With EPA-registered disinfectants, equipment, and a professional decontamination staff on hand, Kustom is ready to dispatch 24/7/365 in order to maintain or restore a healthy environment in your facilities.


Once contacted, Kustom will dispatch personnel and equipment to begin decontamination activities as directed by the emergency response plan and the facility’s management.

Clearance Sampling

Clearance sampling to be completed by a third-party industrial hygienist to ensure satisfaction and thorough completion of decontamination.

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We have spent the past 50 years earning our reputation as an industry-leading property restoration firm. From the largest commercial loss to the smallest home disaster, our focus is on how to safely, quickly, and efficiently get our clients back up to speed. Our technical expertise means that we master every physical detail, from building stabilization to full repair construction to mold, bacteria, virus and chemical decontamination. But we’re also known for bringing relentless client focus to the entire disaster restoration process. We support our customers through every challenge so they can lean on our leadership with confidence.

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