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Structural Repair and Reconstruction

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When your building is damaged, it’s important to make sure it is rebuilt to current health, safety, and building standards. Even damage that looks minor can actually be caused by a major issue. Kustom’s structural repair and building restoration team combines the expertise of large-scale general contractors with decades of disaster mitigation and restoration experience to deliver a superior reconstruction service. Our project communication lights the way for a successful repair and reconstruction. From the first call, our expert teams are there to assess the damage, create a building restoration plan for recovery, estimate project pricing, and work with your insurance carrier through to project completion.

Kustom’s Structural Repair and Reconstruction Services include:

Initial Site Inspection

Taking the time to understand your property’s needs and your building reconstruction goals, we will inspect your site to determine the extent of the damage and the construction needed for a flawless building restoration.

Scope and Estimate Generation

Following inspection, Kustom’s reconstruction team will develop project estimates and timelines to clearly communicate the process to follow.


Our expert project managers guide you through the building restoration process while our construction teams bring high quality craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail to ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget for our customers.

Why Kustom

We have spent the past 50 years earning our reputation as an industry-leading property restoration firm. From the largest commercial loss to the smallest home disaster, our focus is on how to safely, quickly, and efficiently get our clients back up to speed. Our technical expertise means that we master every physical detail, from building stabilization and structural repairs to full repair construction. But we’re also known for bringing relentless client focus to the entire disaster restoration process. We support our customers through every challenge so they can lean on our leadership with confidence.

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