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Repairing Storm Damage

Return to confidence quickly after weathering the storm.

From tornados and hurricanes, to earthquakes, wild fires and rising waters, natural disasters and severe storms can devastate homes and businesses. After you’ve gone through the worst, you need the best. Kustom’s professional disaster restoration team will help lead you from chaos to confidence with our trusted storm damage restoration services.

Kustom’s Storm Damage Restoration Services include:

Assessment & Documentation

Enlist our storm damage restoration experts to operate on your behalf to document the extent of property loss and work directly with industry professionals and consultants.

Contents & Business Personal Property

Create a digital inventory, costing, and tracking system to guarantee your possessions are in professional hands and the process is transparent.


Reduce the risk of further damage and more costly storm restoration-related repairs by properly boarding up your property to secure doors, windows, and other structural openings.

Fencing, Tarping & Wrapping

Deploy our containment services to secure your property from additional damage and vandals.

Water Extraction

Remove water quickly to secure your property and prevent unnecessary additional storm-related damage.

Structural Drying

Locate both obvious and hidden water damage with our moisture mapping process to quickly dry the structure and prevent future problems such as mold.


Prevents secondary water damage from condensation by removing moisture from the air through dehumidification.

Moisture Measurement and Mapping

Assess and monitor the true extent of water damage and the ongoing drying process with thermal technology that carefully measures moisture content throughout the restoration process.

Mold Remediation

Remove and remediate mold using ANSI/IICRC 520 methods to stop the spread of mold throughout a property, preventing allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause adverse health effects.

Selective Demolition

Remove damaged or non-salvageable building materials with total or selective demolition.

Reconstruction Service

Mitigate downtime by engaging Kustom as your full-service general contractor so you can begin the reconstruction planning process immediately following the event or loss.

Why Kustom

We have spent the past 50 years earning our reputation as an industry-leading property restoration firm. From the largest commercial loss to the smallest home disaster, our focus is on how to safely, quickly, and efficiently get our clients back up to speed. Our technical expertise means that we master every physical detail, from building stabilization to full repair construction and disaster cleanup. But we’re also known for bringing relentless client focus to the entire disaster restoration process. We support our customers through every challenge so they can lean on our leadership with confidence.

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