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Kustom offers a full suite of disaster restoration and recovery services in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas to help you minimize the impact of any loss on your home or business and maximize the efficiency of your recovery process. Kustom is the premier disaster restoration service in Florida and throughout the Southeast Region for our unparalleled customer experience, attention to detail, and quality workmanship. Contact us today for immediate assistance covering all your emergency restoration service needs.

Jacksonville Leadership

Your Kustom Jacksonville team is able to rapidly respond, mitigate, and stabilize your residential or commercial property loss 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week, and 365 Days/Year.

Ray Hart

Operations Manager, Jacksonville, FL location

Ray boasts over 35 years of experience in the construction and restoration industry. This seasoned professional brings a wealth of expertise cultivated across both residential and commercial projects. Complementing his industry background, Ray’s commendable 29-year tenure as a dedicated firefighter further underscores his commitment to helping others.

Ray’s career at Kustom began in March ’23 as a Project Manager. However, the unexpected departure of our newly appointed General Manager necessitated swift leadership action. Demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities and adeptness, Ray swiftly handled the change, achieving the role of Operations Manager by June. His distinct ability to command the respect and attention of his team derives from his disciplined firefighter training, evident in his methodical, structure-oriented approach. Notably, Ray’s astute acumen has notably invigorated the operations of the Jacksonville office.

Kustom builds trust in Jacksonville, Florida

Ken White

Five Stars

I appreciate the knowledge and quality of work that this company offers. They have a great work ethic and are great about keeping us informed about everything that is going on. I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional, courteous, and once again a knowledgeable company. Thanks for everything you do and all the services you offer!

Kyle Hutchings

Five Stars

Marc White with Kustom came promptly to attend some water damage. He was punctual, very professional, and explained everything so I could understand. He got everything taken care of in a timely manner. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking emergency services!

Corey Ploof

Five Stars

They were awesome. I had a serious issue with water and mold in my bathroom wall. They came out and inspected everything and when when it came to doing the work they were very respectful and thorough. I love the upgrade. Thank you guys.

Prepare in advance for recovery success.

No one can predict disaster—but you do stand to benefit from having a specific disaster preparedness plan of action ready to go. The first 12 to 48 hours following a disaster are critical in determining whether your business fully recovers. Whether you’re facing storm damage restoration, hurricane restoration, fire damage, flood cleanup or other disaster restoration related issues impacting your business, be ready with InstantAssist, a detailed business continuation plan that leverages our emergency restoration service expertise to actively safeguard your operational stability.

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