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Choose Kustom for Professional Water Damage in Raleigh NC

By Andrew Zavodney
Posted March 21, 2017

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of water damage in their home, but many Raleigh area homeowners are faced with this devastating reality at some point. Water issues in this area are most commonly associated with severe weather, but they can occur for other reasons as well. For example, you can develop a flood in your home from a ruptured water pipe, damage to your roof, a broken refrigerator or other appliance and other issues. These unfortunate events can cause water to stream through your home and cause incredible damage in a short period of time. Our repair and restoration team is available to help you without delay.

Why You Need to Act Quickly

While you should contact us for water damage Raleigh NC repair services quickly, there are a few steps you should take before calling us. The longer water stands in your home, the more devastating the damage can be. With this in mind, it is critical that you prevent even more water from entering the home, if possible. This is not always possible with a natural weather event, but water can be stopped with a leaking pipe, a roof leak or a broken appliance. For example, water valve adjustments can stop more water from entering the home if you have a broken appliance or a ruptured pipe. A bucket is often effective at capturing water from the roof until help arrives. The next step is to call a professional to repair the damaged item, such as a roofer or plumber. Taking these steps only requires a few minutes of your time and can prevent even more significant water damage from occurring. These steps are also critical at possibly preventing mold growth.

What to Expect From Water Restoration Services

Mold can develop when water stands in the home for a very short period of time, so it is important that your water restoration team acts quickly. When you contact us for help, we will travel to the home without delay with all of the equipment needed to extract the standing water from your home. We also take the important extra step of dehumidifying the home. Just as water can cause mold growth, moisture in the air can also do the same. We will set up dehumidifiers throughout the home as needed, and we will monitor the humidity level until the level is restored to normal. The restoration team will then get to work improving the condition of the home. Cleaning and deodorizing are common next steps, and these are most commonly used on carpeting and other similar surfaces. Wood floors, cabinetry and drywall often require a full replacement. At the end of the service, you can expect your home to be restored to like-new condition.

Why Choose Kustom US for  Water Damage Raleigh NC Repairs

We understand that we are not the only company that you can call for assistance with a water issue in your Raleigh home. However, we are an established and trusted company that you can count on to arrive on time and to deliver stellar results. Our well-trained team travels with all equipment and supplies required to get right to work. We will work diligently until the home is restored to your satisfaction.

You understandably may be frustrated and stressed by the current state of your home, and you may even wonder if it will ever look as it once did again. While you may be concerned about the repair process, rest assured that your home is in great hands with us on the job. Now is the ideal time to contact us to set up restoration work for your home.

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