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Long Term Mold Issues Can Create Havoc in Durham NC

By Andrew Zavodney
Posted April 3, 2017

Water damage is relatively common in homes throughout the Durham area. Many severe storms pass through this area each year, and some can cause rising floodwaters that swirl into homes several inches or feet deep. In addition to severe weather, leaking pipes, broken appliances and even roof damage can cause a water issue in the home. When a darkened area of the home remains moist for more than a day or two, your chance for developing mold growth in the home escalates substantially. If you have spotted the telltale signs of this harmful and damaging substance in your home, you may be wondering who to call for mold remediation Durham NC. We are the skilled remediation team that you can trust to deliver impeccable results for all aspects of mold removal throughout the local area.

The Dangers of Mold in Your Home

Water damage ideally should be dealt with immediately to prevent mold growth from developing, but the reality is not all water issues are spotted right away. Unfortunately, mold is a common issue that many Durham residents must contend with at some point over the years. It can damage your home by deteriorating materials, such as drywall, support beams and more. It also can pose a health risk, causing everything from severe respiratory symptoms to skin rashes and more. Many who are exposed to toxic black mold for even a short period of time require urgent medical attention. This is not a substance that you want in your home, and you must find an effective way to remove it.

Why You Should Not Attempt Mold Remediation in Durham NC Yourself

Mold remediation is a serious, in-depth process that requires the skills and strategies of a well-trained team. Some homeowners may attempt to kill the mold by simply applying bleach and scrubbing the area. This may be an effective way to kill mildew in the bathroom, but it can be dangerous to do with toxic black mold. The mold spores can easily become airborne with this strategy. When this happens, they can be inhaled by you and others. In addition, they can land in other areas of the home, spreading your mold contamination area and multiplying the remediation cost. Professionals will carefully contain the area, including the air vents, to prevent the spores from spreading. They will then kill and remove the mold using proven techniques.

Why Choose Kustom US for Mold Remediation in Durham NC

If you had an area of water damage that went unnoticed or untended to, there is a good chance that you may now have mold growth in your home. We are the trusted and dependable company that can assist you with careful and thorough removal of mold. We utilize proven techniques to protect your loved ones and your home from unnecessary exposure. More than that, we have competitive rates, and we are available to begin working for you soon. Mold is not a matter to take lightly. When you have a serious mold issue in your home, we are the only company you want to reach out to for exceptional results.

It can be frightening and even stressful to discover an area of mold growth in your home. Perhaps you or a loved one has already gotten sick from exposure to the contaminated area. You understandably need a fast and secure response for dealing with your mold issue, and this is exactly what you can expect from our team. At the first sign of mold growth in your home, reach out to our skilled team for effective remediation that will restore your home to its former condition.

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