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Mold Removal Techniques in Greensboro NC

By Andrew Zavodney
Posted March 21, 2017

Rainy or wet conditions could bring an attendant list of problems that could potentially compromise the exterior and interior conditions of the home. Among these issues, mildew and mold growth not only causes short-term and long-term infrastructural problems but also carries a host of health hazards to household residents. That is why hiring professionals to do mold removal in Greensboro NC is important in order to preserve property values and to protect residents.

The combination of wet and humid conditions, as well as insufficient home ventilation, could facilitate the growth of mold. These microorganisms invade the home as airborne spores that require the right environment as well as a constant source of food. The spores form colonies that congregate on visible surfaces such as tiles and wallpaper and could spread quickly in other areas. While some of the mold growth is in visible locations, even hidden areas can harbor mold colonies such as air ducts, closets, and vents, as long as the right growth conditions are present.

In some cases, a mold colony can be detected as a discolored spot on a wood surface or in other areas prone to growth. Depending on the type of mold, the growth could appear as a soiled area that emits a distinguishable musty smell, which could be similar to the signs of water damage. Distinguishing mold colony issues from discoloration caused by water damage or water leaks may require the assistance of a professional service.

Mold spores can harbor allergens, and in some cases, mycotoxins that can cause severe health-related problems. According to the Center for Disease Control, exposure to mold growth can potentially cause upper respiratory tract problems such as coughing, nasal and throat irritation. Exposure can even cause eye irritation or skin problems such as hives. For those with chronic conditions such as asthma, obstructive pulmonary disorder, or emphysema, exposure to mold growth could produce more severe reactions. The health impact of mold exposure may be immediate or delayed, with some individuals exhibiting irritation to the allergens upon contact while others show the effects only after long-term exposure.

While some growth may be visible, mold removal requires the assistance of experts who can eradicate the problem and ensure residents of a comfortable household environment. The World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of having healthy indoor air. WHO considers healthy air a basic right and an essential factor for health and well-being.

Why Should I Choose Kustom US?

Addressing the issue of mold growth is important to ensuring the structural integrity of a home, and preventing the accumulation of unnecessary remediation and damage expenses in the future. While there may be a lot of services offering mold removal in Greensboro NC, Kustom US has a group of experienced professionals that are well-trained to provide customers the required comprehensive assistance, from detection and inspection to remediation and mold removal.

With the issue of mold growth, an expeditious response is critical to preventing the spread of the colony to other areas. Our experts are always on hand to quickly assist home or property owners in their mold-related concerns at all times. Choosing the right expert for mold removal Greensboro NC to provide these types of removal and remediation services guarantee long-term protection of the property investment. The right service also assures customers with healthier breathable air and a better environment at home.

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