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Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

The professionals at Kustom have been serving the restoration needs of our community for nearly fifty years. Our goal is to provide the residents of Raleigh, NC with the quality workmanship and attention to detail that have made Kustom one of the premier restoration companies in the area. Our service technicians have the experience and training necessary to restore your home or business back to its original pre-loss state, no matter what type of damage has occurred. Our services include 24/7 emergency response, assessment, and documentation, board-up, fencing, tarping & wrapping services, water extraction, structural drying, dehumidification, moisture mapping, inventory, selective demolition, and reconstruction services. If you have suffered residential or commercial property damage, or are simply being proactive about your future, the experts at Kustom can help you! If you have any questions about our wide array of services, call 1-866-679-0699 right away to speak with a helpful and friendly member of our staff.

Emergency Response 24/7/365

Here at Kustom, we’ve been around long enough to realize that disasters never wait for a more convenient time. Property damage can happen at night, on weekends, or over the holidays, so the service technicians at Kustom have made themselves available 24/7/365! If you are dealing with an emergency situation, you should never have to wait for help. Not only that, but with certain types of damage—especially water damage—a few hours can make a big difference in the outcome! At Kustom, we don’t think that you should ever have to wait for the help you need. Call our emergency hotline at 1-866-679-0699 at any time to receive the help you need.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can be both destructive and unpredictable. No two fires are alike, just as no two properties are alike. Each fire damage restoration job must be approached with great attention to detail as various factors combine. Fires often release hazardous gasses into the air along with soot, smoke, and ash. These toxins can quickly contaminate your HVAC system, as well as other areas that were otherwise unaffected by the fire. Worse, water used to extinguish the fire can carry materials like ash and soot away from the area, seeping into cracks and floorboards, between the walls, and wicking up into your insulation. The resulting mess needs a professional touch, and that’s where we come in. The experts at Kustom will have your property looking and feeling like new again.

Water Damage Restoration

It has been estimated that over 98% of property owners will experience water damage at some point in their tenure. While this is hardly encouraging, it is good to know that there are reliable companies like Kustom that can restore your water damaged property back to its pre-loss state. It is our recommendation that you seek professional help at the first sign of water damage, as even a few hours can impact the outcome. If not properly treated, water damage often results in a mold infestation that can be even more difficult to deal with. At Kustom, we know what steps to take to ensure a dry and mold-free building.

Mold Damage Restoration

Mold can not only seriously damage the interior of your structure, but it also creates a very real health hazard for anyone using the space. Signs of mold infestation include a distinctive musty smell, or discolorations, speckles, or fuzzy growth. If you have noticed any sign of mold on your property, the best move is to call a professional mold removal and restoration team to deal with it. Mold can be tricky, so it is always in your best interest to hire a professional to remove the mold, restore the property, and remediate the underlying causes.

Storm Damage Restoration

In this unstable climate, acts of extreme weather are becoming more common. The service technicians at Kustom can not only help you restore your storm damaged property, but also take proactive measures against an incoming storm. If your property is already vulnerable, we provide board-up and tarping services both pre and post storm. We can help to replace storm damaged roofing and repair structural damage as well as providing moisture removal services. If you are worried about your property during an incoming storm or have already had to deal with structural damage caused by storms, call Kustom today.

Environmental Abatement & Cleaning

There are many reasons why a structure may require professional abatement or cleaning services. Kustom provides you with assessment and documentation of the problem, as well as remediation services. Whether you require dehumidification, mold removal, selective demolition, or reconstruction services, the professional team at Kustom provides all of that and more. We utilize a computer-based inventory, costing, and tracking system that ensures that your possessions are in expert hands.

Structural Restoration & Repair

If your building has been damaged, it is important to make sure that it is safely rebuilt and restored to current safety and health standards. When it comes to property damage, it is always better to be safe than sorry—and that means calling in a professional team to assess the damage. Sometimes, damage that appears minor can cause much larger problems later on—and sometimes damage that appears heartbreakingly major can be easily fixed by a professional team. Let Kustom help you through the process of structural restoration.

Construction Defect Claims

The industry accredited experts at Kustom will work with you through the entire Construction Defect Claim and reconstruction process. Your residential or commercial property will be in good hands as we assist you through the defect claim process, providing photographic and written evidence of the situation at hand. If you are considering a construction defect claim, or are already embroiled in one, get in touch with the experts at Kustom and let us assist you.

Building Consulting & Expert Witness

Let Kustom lend their experience to your project. We have professionals who routinely travel the country to provide expert opinions on cost, scope, and period of restoration. For more information about our consulting and expert witness services, contact Kustom today!




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