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Kustom’s Quick Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

Here at Kustom in Durham NC, we know a thing or two about water damage restoration. While it’s easy to understand how a flood can spell disaster for your home or business, even small amounts of relatively minor water damage can lead to big problems later on. It’s important to rely on experienced professionals to […]

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What to Include in Your Disaster Supplies Kit

One great way to prepare is to put together an emergency kit. No matter what type of disaster might hit, a basic disaster supplies kit will get you through some of the rough days and nights you may experience if you lose power, lose access to clean water, or lose your home entirely. Some items […]

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Make Sure You Are Prepared for a Disaster

According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), disasters have been declared in 70 unique Disaster Declarations within the United States this year so far. Many people don’t realize that disasters happen so frequently. If your family or business hasn’t prepared for these situations, you could end up in a big mess. Here are some […]

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