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Nationwide Cable Communications Operations


EVENT: Water cascading from floor to floor shutting down operations

Leading Communications Company with significant operations in Northeast United States and is an affiliate of a major corporation headquartered in Southeast United States. The impacted building supports the entire Northeast communications marketplace.

During the Winter of 2015, specifically the week of February 14th the North East was impacted by record snow fall and record low temperature. On February 16, 2015 a 1 ½” sprinkler pipe ruptured as a result a freezing temperatures discharging water from the 4th floor to the ground level. The building was immediately evacuated and electrical service was disconnected by Fire services.



on time within budget, ahead of schedule

Why Kustom Was Selected

Kustom US, Inc. has provided Business Continuity and Property Restoration Services for the parent company, on a national platform, for over 15 years. Kustom has successfully performed multiple Business Continuity Property Restoration projects in all affiliate businesses for the client.

Mission-Critical Challenges, Strategies and Solutions

Neutralizing the threat of running water, restoring electric to the facility, relocating business operations and water removal was job number one. The business operations included a call center of several hundred staff, IT service computers and phone service.

The building and business personal property was impacted by Category 3 water from the 4th floor to the ground level. The industry guideline, IICRC S500 required all porous building materials and furniture impacted by Category 3 water replaced. The resulting water damage impacted drywall, insulation, lay-in ceilings, carpet, furniture and Dens Glass sheathing located in the exterior was assembly behind the brick veneer.

The challenge was removing and replacing the Dens Glass which required removing and replacing the brick veneer.

The solution impacted many facets of the clients local and regional cable operations as well as local fire and police that relied on cable and phone service for emergency operations. Kustom worked with local and corporate leadership from Atlanta to establish a well thought out work plan that ensured that business operations would be sustained at 100%.

The Result

The project was completed according to plan, on time within budget, ahead of schedule. The client did not have a quantifiable business interruption and incurred minimal extra expense necessary to accommodate Reconstruction activities.

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