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Instant Assist

Do you have a disaster plan in place for your property?


If a hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire or other natural or man-made disaster were to occur, do you have a trusted and proven partner to mitigate your Business-Interruption and Restore your business.  The first 12-48 hours following a disaster are critical in determining whether your business fully recovers. Partnering with a proven company like KUSTOM US can mean the difference between operational recovery and loss of equipment, resources and customers.

Rapid Priority Planning Benefits

InstantASSIST allows us to proactively establish your priorities and create a business continuation plan that is adapted to your operation

InstantASSIST is designed to turn any unfortunate course of events into a successful restoration solution. KUSTOM will work with you to develop a Continuity Property Restoration plan that is specific to your operational needs. Your priorities are discussed ahead of time so KUSTOM can take charge of the situation, allowing you to focus your resources on stabilizing your property.

The benefits to enrolling in are:

  • Dedicated resources that will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Implementation of pre-designed priorities and recovery plans
  • Pre-approved pricing and billing
  • Coordinated recovery efforts with pre-approved local and national vendors
  • Priority resources in cases of an area-wide disasterAfter a disaster, the program enables your business to resume operations with as little disruption as possible.