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Phoenix Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Services

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Kustom Phoenix’s Trauma Cleanup Services


Trauma Cleanup

During a difficult and traumatic event, you can count on our professional emergency management team to take care of the cleanup and restoration while you take care of you and your loved ones.



Crime Scene Cleanup

24/7/365, our teams are available to handle all types of crime scene and traumatic loss clean ups. Working with compassion and discretion, we will always be professional, courteous, and discreet.



Biohazard Waste Removal

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can have serious health consequences. We remove any and all substances that could create a dangerous environment.

Disposal of Biological & Chemical Contaminants

Never try to remove biohazardous waste on your own. Our experts are trained and experienced in proper cleanup and disposal of biohazardous and chemical materials.

What customers are saying

Christina Segovia

Five Stars

The men who work for Kustom did a phenomenal job. They were friendly and made sure I was happy with the work they provided. I would definitely recommend this company!

Nicholas Quiroz

Five Stars

We had heavy rains during Christmas — worst time of year! Thank you so much to the Kustom team for preventing further damage and helping restore water damage.


Five Stars

They were able to take care of the problem right away and handled my restoration needs so efficiently. When I had questions they were quick to answer them and made me feel like I was a priority to them!

Cleaning and caring in the most difficult of times.

Unexpected crime and traumatic events are devastating situations for anyone to experience. Kustom has specific training and is certified to handle all types of crime scene and traumatic loss clean ups. Our expert team doesn’t just clean up and dispose of bio-hazardous substances, we have educated our staff on how to complete the work in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Kustom Phoenix removes the stress of crime scene or trauma cleanup by making sure our emergency services team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want you to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones and rely on us to take care of the rest.

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