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Company History

To gain an insight into the Kustom of today one must start with its founder, his life and the forces that resulted in the incorporation of Kustom in 1968.

The founder, Andrew Zavodney, Jr. (Is Jr. correct?) (9/22/1912 – 8/3/1998), was the second of seven surviving siblings born to Andie Tavorig (1886–1945) and Margrit Pataki (1887-1975) immigrants from Budapest, Hungary sometime prior to 1909.

Having been born to immigrants, Andy was instilled with an intense work ethic, which was the driving force throughout his life.  That very work ethic is likely responsible for the fact that during his nearly 86 years, he held only two jobs.

While Andy didn’t know it at the time, his ground-work for what was to become Kustom US began in 1924 when he took his first job as a 12-year-old sweeping floors at The Kasch Roofing Company in Akron, OH. Kasch was a typical roofing/sheet metal contractor whose primary business was business roofing.

During Andy’s tenure at Kasch he saw ownership pass from Gus Kasch to Harry Whittington.  Both Gus and Harry recognized Andy’s potential, which eventually resulted in his becoming President of Kasch.

As Andy approached his early fifties, he set a goal to own his own business and worked towards that end for the next several years. He soon realized his dream when in 1968 he incorporated Kustom Sheet Metal & Roofing Company and rented a building from The Carmichael Construction Company on Miller Avenue in south Akron.

Andy operated Kustom from 1968 through 1990 when he sold ownership to his eldest son, Andy. Kustom was now a second-generation company, and over the ensuing 10+ years phased out business roofing and focused on heavier industrial construction work.

Son, Andy operated Kustom from 1990 through 2001 when a third generation Andy (Andy, Jr.) assumed control and is to this day the President of Kustom US.

Thank you to Andy L. Zavodney Sr. for compiling this historical account.