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Guiding Principles

8 Guiding Principles for Building a Business

Kustom was founded based upon a concise set of guiding principles.

These are the fundamental guide posts of the company’s decision making process and actions.

1. Open Lines of Communication – To succeed, a leader must be accessible to open consultative lines of communication from the team. The day a team stops communicating is the day your leadership comes to an end.

2. People, Not Plans – The best plan is worthless without a strong team to execute it. With a team of exceptional people, you can meet almost any challenge.

3. Empowerment and Accountability – The two endowments cannot stand independent, they must balance the other.

4. Think Differently – Look for unexpected solutions; think outside of the norm and set your path outside the expected.

5. Judgment Over Data – Consider the facts but let solid judgment prevail, always question data and challenge experts.

6. Take Risks – To grow, you must extend your abilities. If you make a mistake, adjust your course and move forward.

7. Act With Resolve – While tough decisions can be hard to deliver, the welfare of the group requires them.

8. Be Flexible – Be open to almost all situations, but don’t lose sight of your values and principles.


We are committed to our clients and our valued employees, treating each as individuals with respect and appreciation.

As a result, we are known for our excellent service to every client while making Kustom US a great place to work.

– Andrew L. Zavodney, CEO